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Andemos Intern Retreat in Lima

AUGUST 25, 2014

In August, the Andemos Team held a retreat for the long-term interns working in the Paz y Esperanza offices in Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. The purpose of the retreat was to create a space for the interns to reflect, relax and deepen understandings about service and cross-cultural work. The two-day retreat took place in a retreat center outside of Lima and included workshops, group conversations, devotionals, and games. Four of the interns had recently arrived from a trip to Cuzco and Machu Picchu, and they excitedly shared about their experiences there as well.

During the retreat, we focused on themes such as, integral mission, sustainable community development, self-care and best practices in cross-cultural volunteering.  Furthermore, each of the interns shared about some of their experiences and activities thus far in their internships. It was a meaningful time of encouragement, solidarity, and fellowship. 

Tori Greaves, an internship in Moyobamba who is working alongside Paz y Esperanza staff with indigenous communities in the area shared about how her experience thus far has impacted her life. She says, “There are so many ways in which I’ve been challenged and changed so far in my internship. I think the most impactful at the moment that I have seen is just how much I have grown to love and be loved by the people in my office and in the city that I live in. It is just a joy to serve with them, learn with them, and to see the ways that they love God and love others. 

"I really appreciate all the time they take to teach me what’s going on because I hadn’t really much idea at all of what I was getting into. Now I understand a lot more about the issues that we are working with and also their hearts and their passions for it. It’s amazing to see and I really hope to carry that passion along with me wherever I go in the future and to continue to be socially active and continue to motivate churches in the way that we hope to do here. To be involved in society and changing the world, changing Peru, and changing America. I think all of those things are really important.  And I’ve seen people actively try to do that here.”       


Journey Church Team volunteers at the Hovde House

AUGUST 13, 2014

During the first week of August, a team of 12 volunteers from Journey Church (Charlotte, NC) came to Peru to work at the Hovde House for 4 days. Journey Church began a partnership with Paz y Esperanza and the Hovde House over a year ago. Last year, the first Journey Church team came to Peru, and shortly after they got back, they set the dates for their 2014 trip. Throughout the year, the Global Outreach Team of Journey Church was in communication with the Andemos Team and the Hovde House to stay updated on how they could be supporting the shelter through prayer and economic support. The team creatively raised the funds needed for their trip, with the help of garage sales, church wide events, and Peruvian market days. Beyond the support needed for the participants’ trip, the church also supported the building of a clean water well at the shelter, and they were excited to take a picture by the well to show their church when they returned.

Some of the groups’ activities included painting an entire dorm, installing shelving in the clothes’ donation storage room, and visiting a family who had left the shelter six months prior. 

One of the group members cut and styled the girls’ and staff’s hair. The team stayed at the Granja Lindero and enjoyed trying typical Peruvian food. They also shared many reflections and devotionals together and went on a hike on the last day. The staff at the shelter commented on the unity and joy that was evident in the team.  

Regarding his experience, Don, one of the team members, said, "It has opened my eyes to an incredible organization that is making an incredible difference in the lives of women and children who have experienced horrible things. From here, I will be seeking new ways and opportunities to offer support and awareness to this worthy cause."  Andemos and the Hovde House are excited about a continued partnership with Journey Church throughout the year and look forward to meeting next year's team in August 2015!    


Hovde House launches recycling project

JULY 15, 2014

In December 2013, Natalie Small spent a month in Peru traveling to different sites and conducting surf and art therapy programs with at-risk girls. One of the places she volunteered was at the Hovde House, providing art therapy for the girls.  “I visited the shelter,” Natalie explains, “representing The Wahine Project, a nonprofit organization using the healing power of surfing to empower girls to overcome fears, build resilience, and be active stewards of their environment. Since we couldn’t bring the girls of the shelter to the beach for safety reasons, we brought the healing experience of the ocean to the girls.  With an ocean-like mural and the help of the expressive arts, the girls at the Hovde house truly did share the same empowering self-awareness and growth as our regular surf program.” 

Natalie reflects on how her time in Peru impacted her, particularly in two ways. First, she describes how the time she spend at the shelter taught her about the girls’ love to create beautiful things. She says, “As I watched the girls and how eager they were to sow and create in the expressive art therapy sessions, I began to ask myself what would happen if we could give them the opportunity to continue creating on a daily basis, while at the same time building hope and resiliency for their future to overcome vicious cycles of abuse. As well, Natalie was impacted by the great need she saw for better environmental stewardship. “As I visited other parts of the country,” Natalie says, “I was shocked by the amount of plastic bottles and bags that littered beaches, mountains, and jungles. With growing tourism, the current day Peru has become littered with unnecessary amounts of plastic that often end up in landfills.”  Regarding the impact of her time in Peru, she concludes, “I knew that I could not just leave after that one month and continue on with my usual California surfing lifestyle.

Even though she did return back to California, Natalie did not stop was determined to continue thinking how to counteract the vicious cycle of abuse while also contributing to better environmental care in Peru. She says, “I found my answer in the girls at the Hovde House! With their empowered sense of self, hope, and resiliency, eagerness for craft and creating, and desperate need for independent financial stability to help end their cycles of abuse...they were the answer. My idea was to teach the girls how to make reusable bags from plastic bags collected in the community. They can distribute the bags they made in their schools, churches, and community centers and include an educational piece about the toxicity of plastic waste and how they can respond to the problem. I provided the shelter with a few how-to videos, a reduce-and-reuse education pamphlet, and the promise of financial support for the girls’ work through the sale of reusable recycled plastic bag totes in the States.”

Two months later, the girls at the Hovde House have completed their first round of making reusable plastic bags. They have distributed the bags in their schools and given an educational presentation on the harmful effects of plastic and what we as individuals can do in our own homes to make a difference in the conservation of our beautiful world. The shelter staff report that the girls enjoy being creative in making the bags and are showing initiative in doing the presentations in their schools. They will continue the pilot stage of the project for two more months. Natalie encourages those who are interested in the 1Bag1World Project to visit the website. On the website, you will learn how to donate to the Project to help launch this program that empowers the Hovde House girls to be the change in their own lives and their communities.


Paz y Esperanza study prompts evangelical leaders to sign the "Covenant 2021: Decade without Domestic Violence in Peru"

JUNE 26, 2014

Last Friday, “Paz y Esperanza” presented the results of a study on the impact of violence in evangelical homes in Peru to over 100 representatives from evangelical institutions at the Congress of the Republic in Lima. The study revealed the significant rates of violence and abuse, even in evangelical contexts. However, the study also emphasized the church’s potential to prevent domestic violence, as well as care for and accompanies its victims. Read the full summary of the principal findings of the study. 

In response to the presentation of the findings, representatives of two major evangelical bodies, the National Evangelical Council of Peru (CONEP) and the National Union of Evangelical Christian Churches in Peru (UNICEP), along with “Paz y Esperanza” and the Peruvian Biblical Society, recently launched a ten-year pastoral and citizens’ initiative, called the “Covenant 2021- Call to Action for a Peru without Domestic Violence by 2021”. The primary purpose of the initiative is to involve organizations, churches and evangelical networks in the fight against domestic violence. The evangelical leaders present at the Congress signed the “Covenant 2021” and committed to promote practical actions in the fight against domestic violence. 

Read the full press release here.



International interns of 2014 arrive to Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia

JUNE 5, 2014

Andemos Interns are arriving this week and in mid-July to Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia to serve with Paz y Esperanza for 2-6 months. Janine is working in the legal area at the Guayaquil office for six months. As well, Allie will be volunteering in Guayaquil in domestic violence prevention iniciatives. Rudy will be supporting the Campaña “Un Trato por el Buen Trato” in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, along with helping with youth theater and Bible study groups. In Ayacucho, Marta will support Paz y Esperanza's advocacy area as they carry out projects, workshops, and community campaigns. In Moyobamba, Tori will be involved in Paz y Esperanza's work with the land rights of indigenous people, and Riana will support the Community-Based Rehabilitation program with people with disabilities. Travis and Erin will be working on an empowerment program with the women and adolescents at the Hovde House. The interns will be staying with host families and will have orientation and evaluation courses with the Andemos Team. Please join us in praying for Tori, Travis, Erin, Allie, Marta, Rudy, Janine and Riana as they join us this year! 

Learn more about the Andemos interns and teams of 2014!


Judson University Team serves at the Hovde House

MAY 15, 2014

From May 4th—May 12th, twenty one volunteers from Judson University (Elgin, IL) came to Peru to serve with Paz y Esperanza at the Hovde House in Huánuco. The team spent their first day at the National Office as part of their orientation on cross-cultural service, injustice, poverty, and inequality in Peru, and more information about the Hovde House. Then, they spent the rest of the week working, serving, and playing with the women, children, and adolescents currently living at the Hovde House in Huanuco, Peru. The group cleaned up and re-planted the shelter garden, and they continued construction on a storage room for clothes donations. Each afternoon, they led fun activities for the kids, including craft time, English classes, babysitting, sports day, and a water balloon fight. Over the weekend, the team took a trip with all of the shelter’s beneficiaries and staff to the jungle town of Tingo María. The kids loved swimming in the Natural Sulfur Springs while the team took a hike through Tingo Maria’s National Park. In celebration of Mother’s Day, the team treated all of the girls to a Spa Day and then everyone joined in for a big party in the afternoon. Paz y Esperanza and the Casa del Buen Trato Hovde would like to thank the Judson University Team for loving, serving, and giving to the women, children, and adolescents of the shelter over this past week. Read more about the Judson Team's experience in the Andemos blog


Check out the Andemos blog! 

APRIL 24, 2014

The blog features volunteers’ accounts and reflections from their internship or team trips in partnership with Paz y Esperanza. You can read about “The Immense Value of Volunteers”, in which a volunteer supervisor in Huánuco tells about her meaningful experiences with volunteers. As well, you can find various reflections and photos from Andemos Latino interns who were in Andahuaylas, Huánuco and Guayaquil for six weeks from January to February 2014. The interns explain in their own words what everyday life as an Andemos volunteer looked like in their respective placements.  As well, one intern shares about her experience as an Argentinian in Ecuador in her post entitled, “Different place, different culture, different world....the same world.”  In the blog, you can interact with other volunteers through comments, and you can deepen your understanding of Paz y Esperanza, holistic mission, cross-cultural servanthood, and the Latin American reality.  Become of a follower of the blog to stay up to date on most recent blog posts!  Go to blog

Paz y Esperanza launches online academic institute

FEBRUARY 1, 2014

The New Year brought the launch of Paz y Esperanza’s new online academic institute, called the "Instituto Paz y Esperanza".  Through its online institute, Paz y Esperanza will offer accredited certificate courses on topics like advocacy, integral mission, and pastoral care for evangelical leaders, pastors, and outreach workers in Latin America.  In February, the institute began its first certificate course on ‘Advocacy for Children and Adolescents in Latin America’.  

Nyack College agreed to give official academic accreditation to those who participate in the Institute’s first virtual certificate course.  Alfonso Wieland, co-director of Peace and Hope International, described the partnership as the opening up of further opportunities for Christian organizations around the world to join together for the purpose of encouraging advocacy work within the Church.  Dr. Vilma “Nina” Balmaceda is the director of Nyack College’s Center for Scholarship and Global Engagement, which is the body responsible for carrying out the partnership with Paz y Esperanza. Dr. Balmaceda expressed her excitement over the partnership because of its potential to lead to more North-South connections being made that can boost social action within today’s churches.

(Source: http://www.micahnetwork.org/news/training-partnership-launched)

Andemos volunteers are welcome to apply to participate in the certificate courses offered by the Paz y Esperanza Institute.  Visit Instituto Paz y Esperanza to learn more!    

Andemos Latino Interns 2014

NOVEMBER 28, 2013

Andemos Latino is a competitive program specifically for Latin American young people, in which a select few are chosen to do a six week internship with Paz y Esperanza in one of the regional offices.  After extensive evaluation, the Andemos Team is very pleased to introduce you to the Andemos Interns of 2014! 

Andrés Baquero from Colombia studied psychology and theology.  He will intern in the integral mission area in Apurímac.  Angélica Montoya studied Social Communication and Journalism in Colombia.  She will support the communication department of the Guayaquil office.  Aylen Tymoszczuk is a liscensed psychologist from Argentina.  For her internship, she will support the psychologists in Guayaquil in comprehensive rehabilitation for abuse victims.  Bárbara Marín from Chile is specialized in teaching Spanish language and literature to high schoolers.  She will support the work of the bilingual, intercultural school in Apurímac.  Carmen Coaquira is a liscensed sociologist with experience in theater, education, and computation.  She will join the team of the Casa del Buen Trato Hovde, supporting the education, social work, and comprehensive rehabilitation areas.  Their internships will begin in January 2014.  Congratulations! 

Anti-Corruption Event EXPOSED

OCTOBER 24, 2013

As part of EXPOSED, the worldwide campaign against corruption, Paz y Esperanza held a prayer vigil and hip hop concert in Plaza Francia of Lima. Over 100 people gathered to pray, write their opinions of corruption on a mural, listen to the Christian hip hop group “Radical People”, and sign a commitment to stop corruption.  Paz y Esperanza in Ecuador and Bolivia are holding similar dynamic events to promote the campaign in the community.  In signing their commitment to stand up against corruption, the signatures of people from Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador will be presented in a document with signatures from around the world in the 2014 G-20 Summit in Australia. Learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved at http://www.exposed2013.com.

Volunteers 2013

OCTOBER 18, 2013

The year is quickly coming to a close, and we’d like to thank our the international interns of 2013. Hailing from colleges around the United States, these young men and women have come to serve and to learn as they are walking with the most vulnerable in South America. They have worked on projects that include education and legal issues in Huánuco, lands rights and gender issues in Moyobamba, microenterprise research in Lima, and domestic violence prevention in Ecuador. Please join us in praying for our current interns Nathan, Matt, Ivy, and Leya as they finish their internships!

Andemos Newsletters



Andemos presents its first of many newsletters that will serve to unite volunteers and inspire one another to walk together in the way of justice.  The newsletters feature volunteers' testimonies, Paz y Esperanza news, volunteer opportunities, prayer needs, and other updates. The focus of the January-July 2014 newsletter is how Andemos volunteers are transformed by their internship or team trip in partnership with Paz y Esperanza. 

Read the full newsletter here!